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For the 2014 Season, all games will be played at Canyon View Park, located on the corner of 24 Rd. and G Rd.

Our Season starts April 14th. All games will be played Monday nights from 5:30 to 6:30pm, with the exception of the last game which will be played Thursday, May 22nd.

Click Here for 2014 Schedule!

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2014 Roster

Laura Currier
Ryan Donahue
Lindsay Habliston
Gabe Millican
Nicki Overstreet
Gwen Peacock
Jaden Peacock
Diego Rivera
Bill Austin, Coach
Frank Kramer, Coach
Sara Barnes
Nicholas Beale
Sadie Beale
Melody Dolan
Vanesa Flores
Andrea Hollinger
Jordan Kiefer
Kelly Swann, Coach
Sierra Farria
Rachel Goodrich
Raymond Halsey
Mason Pearmain
Max Peters
Jackson Steele
Delfino Yslas
Cindy Goodrich, Coach
Sara Pope, Coach
Gregory Beltran
Ryan Brophy
Christopher Chelle
Seth Dunham
Patrick Gleason
Kali Gromke
Brianna Oliver
Donovan Williams
Becky Curtis, Coach
Hannah Shilling, Coach
Savannah Curtis, Coach
Tanner Casteel
Daniel Frazier
Cody Gordon
Kaulin Hayhurst
Isabella Jacobsen
Whitney Naramore
Katie Petty
Isiah Romero
Jeramy Casteel, Coach
Zac Marsolf, Coach
Kyle Hayhurst, Coach
Kate Almgren
Spencer Campbell
Hannah Howe
Delaney McLaughlin
Hayden McLaughlin
Joey Ragains
Kayla Slaughenhaupt
Kitty Wolfred
Jill Almgren, Coach
Andre Crowe
Cy Delgado
Nycholas Huff
Keanna Johnson
Malia McConnell
Francis Snyder
Katarina Sobel
Maria Snyder, Coach
Steven Snyder, Coach
Steven Snyder Jr., Coach
Lily the service dog
Brayden Anderson
Kaylee Deem
Jamie Deem
Kayden Lent
Luci Robinson
Tawni Smith
Tanner Twiggs
McKenzie White
Holli Whiting
Melissa Anderson, Coach
Tyler Anderson, Coach